Considering Adoption?

Choosing adoption for your child can be an incredibly selfless and loving act. There are many misconceptions, rumors, and myths about the process, as it has changed dramatically over the last several decades. If you’re interested in adoption for your child, Options for Women would love to discuss that process with you.

Did you know that as the birth mother:

  • You can choose the adoptive family for your child.
  • You can discuss with the adoptive couple what contact you’d like to have if any.
  • You may receive financial assistance from the adoptive family regarding pregnancy-related expenses.
  • You would make a loving, stable couple that has dreamed of having a child incredibly happy.

Learn More About Your Options

Adoption might be right for you if you are still in school, focused on your career, or aren’t emotionally or financially ready to take care of a child. In many cases, it gives both the birth mother and adoptive couple what they want. No matter what options you are considering for your pregnancy, Options for Women is here to listen and support you along your journey.

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Options for Women does not actually perform/orchestrate adoptions at our center, as we are not a licensed adoption agency. However, we do provide support/referrals/information regarding adoption.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.