An unplanned pregnancy may have left you at a loss for words. Maybe you’re trying to figure out your next step and what your partner’s options are. Do your best to take your time and get informed about all your girlfriend’s pregnancy options. You may be wondering if insurance will pay for your girlfriend’s abortion.

Your First Step

Before your partner rushes into a pregnancy decision, make a no-cost appointment at Options for Women for a pregnancy confirmation. You may have already received a positive at-home pregnancy test, but it’s important to follow up with a medical grade pregnancy test to confirm the viability of the pregnancy. There is a slight chance for error with at-home pregnancy tests and they could be taken at the wrong time. Verify your results today.

To understand what pregnancy options your partner is eligible for, an ultrasound is needed. It can alert you of any pregnancy complications and determines the type of abortion your partner would qualify for, based on how far along she is.

How Much Would My Girlfriend’s Abortion Cost?

In Minnesota, abortion costs can vary based on the provider and your stage of pregnancy. A medication abortion (the abortion pill) can cost anywhere from $500 to $900. Only women 11  weeks pregnant or earlier are eligible for medication abortion. 

The cost of a surgical abortion is much higher, ranging from $600 to $3,000. These costs don’t include all of the pregnancy confirmation tests, follow-up appointments, and extra costs needed throughout the process.

Minnesota Abortion Coverage

Insurance policies vary state from state, but insurance normally only covers a partner if they are legally married to you. To learn more about your partner’s coverage options, talk to your local health insurance provider. 

Under MinnesotaCare, Minnesota’s Medicaid program will cover your girlfriend’s abortion based on the following: 

  • If the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest
  • If the pregnancy will result in impairment or endangerment of the women’s health or life 
  • Therapeutic reasons 

Your Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Options

Know that you and your partner are not in this alone. We are here to help inform you so you can make a confident decision for your future. 

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