No-Cost Pregnancy Testing

Taking a pregnancy test can be a challenging first step and may bring up different emotions.

At Options for Women St. Croix Valley we’ll be here for you every step of the way. We provide confidential, no-cost pregnancy testing in a supportive setting, regardless of the result.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

Taking a reliable pregnancy test is the first step to confirming a pregnancy. Our clinic provides medical-grade pregnancy tests that can assist you in getting the answers you need to begin planning your next step.

We encourage you to schedule a no-cost pregnancy confirmation at Options for Women St. Croix Valley.

What If I’ve Already Taken A Home Pregnancy Test?

Deciding to take action and take a home pregnancy test after suspecting pregnancy is a big first step. Home pregnancy tests are reliable if taken correctly. Your next step is to have your home pregnancy test confirmed in a clinic. At Options for Women St. Croix Valley, we will provide you with a second medical-grade pregnancy test to confirm your home results. If your test here is positive, you may be offered an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy is viable.

The Pregnancy Test Is Positive. Now What?

Information is power. Receiving a positive home pregnancy test is valuable information, but there’s still more to know.

Information about the dating and viability of the potential pregnancy is important in order to have the pregnancy confirmed.

At Options for Women St. Croix Valley, this is what we’re all about. Our pregnancy confirmation appointments are tailored for you to gather the information you need to make a confident pregnancy decision.  Reach out to talk with our caring team to get your questions answered and schedule your pregnancy confirmation appointment today.