No-Cost Pregnancy Testing

Are you experiencing early pregnancy symptoms? The first step to confirming your suspicions is by taking a pregnancy test. Options for Women provides lab-quality pregnancy testing at no cost for women who think they may be pregnant. If your pregnancy test is positive, you may be eligible for a subsequent ultrasound. Regardless, we are here to support you through this process.

What to Expect

Pregnancy testing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You will meet a trained staff member for a confidential intake. Then, you will take a urine-based pregnancy test, and consult with a staff member to review your results.

About the Test

Implantation in the uterine lining triggers a hormone called hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to be produced by placental tissue. HCG is the hormone that is detected through a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are most accurate if you wait until after your first missed period to take it.

Our pregnancy tests are 99 percent accurate if you have missed your period, but certain factors can affect the results. You may also request an ultrasound for pregnancy verification. If your test is positive, and you have any medical problems and/or are on any medication, you should consult a physician immediately.

If you think you may be pregnant, don’t wait. The earlier you know your results, the more time you have to gather information and make an informed decision about your next steps. Contact us today to schedule your pregnancy testing appointment.

My Test was Positive. What’s Next?

After a positive pregnancy test, you should have an ultrasound performed as well as get tested for STIs. STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, can cause harm to the body if left untreated. Plus, it’s a possibility that if you are pregnant, you could also have an STI. Options for Women offers free STI testing with a positive pregnancy test at our center.

Schedule Pregnancy Testing

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This information is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional counseling and/or medical advice.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.