If a friend confides in you that she’s unexpectedly pregnant, she probably feels overwhelmed as she tries to figure out what to do next.

In a situation like this, the best thing you can do is remind her that she’s not alone and that you will be there each step of the way, no matter what she chooses. She needs your support now more than ever.

Read this article for practical ways to support your friend emotionally and practically. 

Check-In on Her

If she confided in you about her pregnancy, then she trusts you. While she may need time and space to process the news and think about her options, remind her that she is not alone and you are thinking of her.

Think of thoughtful things you can do to let her know she’s cared for, such as sending a gift card for food delivery or a hand-written card. Let her know you’re available if she wants to talk, but take the pressure off by letting her know you don’t expect a response.

Offer Your Support

Once your friend comes up for air and starts to make plans for her pregnancy, let her know you’re there for the long haul. Offer to take her out for food, be there to vent, or accompany her to a doctor’s appointment. 

Depending on your friend’s situation, she may be ready to take control immediately or feel floundering with information about all the available options.

Encourage her to decide out of confidence rather than fear. Decide what resolution looks like for her and offer to help her in her research. You could even offer to go with her if she wants to attend a no-obligation consultation here at Options for Women St. Croix Valley.

Help Her With the Next Steps

If she’s uncertain of what to do first or has any questions, you can suggest scheduling an appointment at Options for Women St. Croix Valley. We offer no-cost services such as medical-grade pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds.

Explain all the information an ultrasound can provide: location, developmental stage, and viability. Providing this medically-backed information can give her more concrete details to make her feel informed and empowered to make a decision. 

Contact us today for helpful, confidential resources to educate and uplift her as she navigates her pregnancy journey. We are here to support both her and you as you walk alongside your friend in this difficult time.