Finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant after the overturning of Roe v. Wade can be daunting and confusing. Are you going to have to travel for an abortion? What is your best option?

Abortion is still legal in the state of Minnesota. Keep reading to understand the impact of Roe v. Wade and important steps you should consider before deciding on an abortion procedure. 

What Does Roe v. Wade Being Overturned Mean?

In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a federally protected right in the U.S. Constitution. In June 2022, the Supreme Court re-examined this case and ruled that the original argument was unsubstantial and struck it down. 

This means that abortion is now no longer considered to be a Federal Constitutional right. Each of the 50 states must determine for themselves if their state will prohibit or protect abortion.

What Are the Current Minnesota Abortion Restrictions? 

In the state of Minnesota, the right to an abortion is codified in the state constitution. It will remain protected unless a constitutional amendment is passed.

There used to be several health-related restrictions in place, but a judge recently struck them down. One of these included requiring abortions to be performed at a hospital or abortion care facility.

The remaining laws allow abortions up to the point of viability, around 24 weeks unless the woman’s life is endangered by the pregnancy. 

Next Steps

If you’re feeling anxious about your pregnancy decision and are trying to figure out your next step or still grappling with the reality of an unplanned pregnancy, take a deep breath. 

You are not alone! Options for Women St. Croix Valley clinic exists to help women in your shoes. We offer no-cost pregnancy services, and we offer a compassionate, confidential atmosphere where you can get information and discuss all your options. We are here to be your first step.

We recommend scheduling a no-cost ultrasound with us so you can determine several important factors about your pregnancy such as dating, viability, and location. 

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