Why is prenatal care important?

Prenatal care is important to promote optimal health for mother and the unborn.


Does Options for Women offer prenatal care?

Yes. Options for Women offers on-site prenatal care for our clients. All clinic appointments are held at Options for Women. All lab work, labor and delivery are off-site. The clinic visits and ultrasounds are free of charge and provided by a licensed registered nurse and a medical doctor. Prenatal care at Options for Women also offers pregnancy and breastfeeding education, preparing for childbirth, parenting classes and ongoing emotional support. If you are interested in being a part of our program, contact us to set up an appointment.


When should a pregnant woman have her first prenatal appointment?

It is beneficial for a pregnant woman to schedule her first prenatal appointment between 9-11 weeks and to receive an early ultrasound. Ultrasounds in the first 10 weeks are the most accurate predictor of conception and due dates.


I don’t have health insurance, now what?

State Aid, referred to as MNSure in Minnesota, and BadgerCare in Wisconsin, is available based on eligibility. You must apply for medical insurance in your county of residence. Minnesota residents call 855-366-7873. Wisconsin residents visit ACCESS.wi.gov.


Interested in participating in our prenatal program? Contact us today.

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