Extended Services

Women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy might experience multiple challenges. Our extended services proactively address these challenges and offer tangible solutions allowing clients to look past their initial fears to truly experience the joys of parenting. Our center, in partnership with several government and community organizations, offers the following extended services staffed by experienced program managers.


Material Assistance

All clients with children under the age of two are welcome to come to receive a wide variety of baby items such as diapers/wipes, formula, baby food, clothing, equipment, toys, etc.


Pregnancy and Parenting

Our pregnancy education focuses on nutrition, fetal development, labor/delivery preparation and breastfeeding support. Individual and couple instruction is also available to help develop strong parenting skills with topics covering health/safety issues, SIDS, infant/toddler care, and discipline techniques. Clients can earn a new car seat and/or pack-n-play by participating in these programs. We offer support throughout your parenting journey to help your child reach their potential in a safe, loving family environment.  



Our Housing program assists clients who are seeking more suitable housing or emergency shelter for themselves and their children. We are able to provide clients with emergency energy assistance, and rental assistance. Our client advocates work closely with the Washington County Housing Collaborative and other charitable organizations in the valley to explore the best options and resources for our clients. Each client receives personalized budget planning to help secure a safe and sustainable housing plan.


Career Options

Our Career Options program works to connect clients with job opportunities in our community and educational resources to enhance their marketable skills. Clients can engage in resume and cover letter building, job searching, mock interviews and referrals for professional attire right here at our center. We also offer help for parents who wish to stay home with their children and are looking for resources in the community. Each client is encouraged to set realistic goals tailored to their individual skills and objectives.


Community Health & Health Insurance

Clients are connected with specialized programs such as WIC, Canvas Health, The Emily Program, and Family Means in order to meet their individual needs. Each client has the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a client advocate to set wellness goals and design a personalized health plan.


If you have additional questions about our extended services or community referrals, contact us today. 

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.